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Posted By: 100%forwardgrace On: 06 Aug 2022 11:33:09

“And if we have food and covering, with these we shall be content” (1 Timothy 6:8).

God I know that You want my life to be simplified, free from the burdens of material cares.

Today’s verse declares how Christians ought to be free from material distractions. The apostle Paul asserts that life’s basic needs should be adequate to satisfy believers. He does not say it is wrong to own nice things, especially if God you providentially allow me to have them. What is wrong is to have a selfish craving for money because I am discontent. The highest goal of the Christian life is to love You God and glorify You forever, not to pile up material goods. Even if I have wealth, Lord You want me to use and manage it from a motivation that puts You first.

The problem  I continually face is that my fast-paced, complex, technological societies place materialism first. Objects and things come before people; entertainment options replace conversations with members of my family. All this has so often caused me to lose the simple joys of life’s relationships, which are the essence of Christian fellowship.

To keep those simple but essential joys primary, help me to apply the following principles. 

First, evaluate every purchase as to how it would make your ministry more effective.

Second, since God owes you nothing, everything you receive from Him should make you thankful.

Third, learn to distinguish wants from needs, and thereby increase the amount of money you have available for the Lord.

Fourth, discipline yourself to spend less than you earn and save the rest for worthwhile causes and needs that arise. Do not amass credit card debt.

Lastly, learn to give sacrificially to God’s kingdom.

If l implement these and other sound principles of Christian stewardship, i know lord that I'll experience much joy and realize anew that the simple life means accepting what You God provide and avoiding covetousness.


God I pray that You would motivate me to be faithful in the five principles of good stewardship listed above If I have not been following any of them, Lord to help me start today

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