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Posted By: 100%forwardgrace On: 10 Jan 2021 13:20:54

Abba Father, continue to fix my voice in a certain way so I can sing better with feelings. Uphold me and I cannot fall. Let my voice be smoother than butter, be so different than my speaking, completely different. Beautiful singing can, and I put it on the table, be touched by You. When you and I know that I'm seeing a lot of joy I can sing of your goodness in my faith.

Lord  you've given me the gift of singing. Thank You Jesus for the best voice. I am grateful for the opportunity to sing and see what happens with the best of them. When these lyrics come to my mind naturally, I am supposed to be in tuned with You in Jesus name. 

May I be satisfied with the service when I am in church. Let me know You when You get to the bottom of the page. Your voice makes the most sense, the difference, so when I'm singing in the rain so to speak I'm singing in Your presence and I love you so much. Let my voice sound so good that it ease their troubled minds. Let them know that you are a very beautiful and wonderful God because of the beautiful singing voice You have given me. I am forever grateful for Your support in this singing and my best voice ever. Lord let me know if you have any other lyrics for my beautiful voice to sing. Let other lyrics of old and new songs keep on coming and flashing in my mind like a great flash light so l can sing better and sound so good with the beautiful voice that you have given me in Jesus name. Thank You so much Lord. 

It can be difficult to trust and obey You unconditionally and easy to resist your will but you know me better than I know myself. You know that I never will find true peace apart from serving you with gladness and coming before Your presence with singing. Regardless of my ideas I need to obey and follow You. You have prepared a great plan for me, I thank You and I praise you for this. I won't resist You. I commit my mind, my singing, my life anew to You. I seek to obey and follow You.

O God please dont let my singing voice fail, help me not to doubt I call for help, answer me, from the depths of my heart I call for help. Listen to my singing voice, hurl me into the deep, into the very heart of the singing seas, let the singing currents swirl through me and the sounding waves sweep within me. I will say, 'I am in your presence, I will look toward your holy temple.'

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