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9/14/2016 Daily Journal Entry
Posted By: Halder, Jon On: 15 Sep 2016 06:57:40

The True Vine.  I abide by thinking (occupying) myself with Yeshua.  Learning and thinking with the mind of Christ.  He will take care of the abiding part if I dwell on Him.  He cares about people.  He needs me to consent to allow Him to work in me so that I will bear the Father's fruit to the world that the lost may be found, and other men might be saved.

God is trying to save people.  He is using us to do it.  We are the vessels through which He operates.  When we are abiding, consenting to allow it.  God is loving and doesn't make us do anything.  He asks us to.

How often do I demand that others do what I ask?  And why?  I want to control them.  I want them to bow to my will.  I get angry when they don't.  That is not at all how God operates.  God asks me to cooperate.  If I do, He can get on in His work in others and in me and I will bear fruit that comes of God.  If I don't He will patiently wait for me to get tired and wonder why nothing is working.  Things will get worse and worse as I attempt to control the world in my own strength.  Finally, I will come back to Him in humility and be restored to Him and will begin abiding again.

So, I need to ask others to cooperate with me.  I need to display the fruits of the Spirit.  I need to be patient and wait.  I need to show the character of God.  How?  Not by my own power, but by humbling myself and consenting to allow God to operate through me.  To learn and cooperate with His will.

Father, help me to do these things.  Help me to stop trying to control others and force them to follow what I think is right.  Work in me and through me.  Bear much fruit in me.  Abide in me.  May You be glorified and honored by displaying Your power to the world.  Use me in Your kingdom purposes.  Amen.

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