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Posted By: mrbob1 On: 21 Apr 2015 13:42:48

Jackie, I will pray for you.

Asking for help here a good step and my recommendation is to begin (or restart) a communication with Jesus. You need the power of His Kingdom in your life. I don't know where you are spiritually, how you were raised or whether you have ever had an ongoing relationship with God but He can and will help you deal with all the issues inside of your soul that you are struggling with. I know that sounds like an easy answer but it really is true. Jesus holds the answer to all of life's inner spiritual issues and offers Love, Joy Peace, Patience, Kindness and Self Contol and peace with God to all who get to know Him deeply. At first glance I can tell you need some of these to help you deal with the difficult circumstances you are in...Jesus offers them. He changes our circumstances sometimes, but more often He give us peace IN them and teaches us how to have joy even when circumstances are messed up. If you have never had a conversion experience (some translations of John chapter 3 call it being born-again but it is better translated "born from above". If you have never had this, it only requires learning a little about Jesus death, burial and resurrection and accepting it for your life (realizing you need it), asking Him for it and surrendering to it. The words don't matter as much as a heart of surrender. He did it for you so you could be first forgiven of all your sins, but also so you can have God in your life working in you.

In order to have an ongoing relationship with Him, you need to get to know Him. (again, maybe you do or you once did, I don't know) Getting to know Him is done by 1st, by giving Him your life and circumstances and asking Him in (pray and ask), not just to help but because He desires for you to know Him. That is why you were created. God Himself became human so that the Kingdom of God would be available to anyone who wants it. Sadly most people don't want it.  Understanding who He is, is done by learning, reading and ingesting His Word, then doing what He says. Learning to operate in God's Kingdom is a lot like learning a new skill. If you wanted to learn how to be a carpenter, or learn a new language you would need training. Going to a class once a week for an hour (church) helps but it isn't going to work very well or very quickly, so I recommend reading the Bible (and asking Him to teach you) on a daily basis along with finding a good church. Asking for God's help all along the way. He will answer these prayers.

God's Kingdom often works the opposite of the way we think so in order to understand what God wants we have to retrain ourselves to know how His Kingdom works...that way we can recognize it and join Him in His efforts.

Again, i don't know where you are spiritually, this was just what came to mind.  Feel free to respond. I usually check this site once a day or more.


Posted By: jackiehammack2016 On: 17 Apr 2015 14:58:35

sometimes i feel like i have been a problem to everyone and they seem to not understand me all i do is trying to express my feelings and they do not seem to care but my family is so messed up and i can not handle this problem i have so many things going on with my life i can not even have time to drop every thing my mother is disabled but she makes excusses that can make me feel like a slave she wears an breathing tube but she stills ask me make me this make me that get me this get me that but hey when is it the last time someone got me something to eat or drink i have to make it myself

Posted By: jackiehammack2016 On: 17 Apr 2015 14:50:24

things are getting worse i just got into a fight with my mother and she says if i do not clean the kitchen i will get my stuff taken away i am so fed up with this stuff getting taken away i am 34 years old and my mother is a hateful controlling woman sometimes i wish she never had me

Posted By: jackiehammack2016 On: 17 Apr 2015 13:50:55

my name is jackie hammack i am 34 years old i have a lot of anger issues i have said pretty nasty things and have been taking it out on people i really do not mean too but it is so scarey because i have a stepdad who uses a webcam to see if i am yelling at my mom and being a brat and that if i do not do what he says he takes my internet away i have enough of this i can not live on my own because i am disabled and my mother needs me but i can not handle the problems

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