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Starting over
Posted By: gijoex2 On: 04 Jan 2015 00:16:05

My Lord, and my "God. How do I even begin. You are awesome. My strength and shield, my hope in all times of trouble. I am nothing without you, so weak, and ineffective. I want to be used by you., in mighty ways, even if it's just amongst my coworkers. They are in need of you, even the ones who think they know you. Let me name a few of them for you. Glen, I like this guy. I talked with him one on one, and I led him in a prayer to accept you. I don't see any way that that had any effect on him. I know he still has a lot of growing up to do, show me how to talk to him. Curt. He just doesn't believe in You, along with quite a few others at work. How can I love on these guys? Bob. I really like this guy. He needs to come to a saving knowledge of you. I know I have family at work. Loren, and Andrew, and Jeff.How can we join forces against the enemy to knock down his strongholds to get to these precioius poeple and bring them into the family?

Then there's the family I grew up with. From my mom and dad all the way down through my siblings. I'm pretty sure my parents are lulled into a false sense of security thinking they're okay with you, along with my sister, Theresa. My brothers, I'm sure, are both outside of you. Who do You want me to talk to first? Tim? LeRoy? Mom and/or Dad? Since I am so far from these guys, maybe you could someone in their lives who resides a bit closer. And my friend, Brian. I believe him to be my brother, but only you know for sure. But, I'm not sure he knows how dangerous some of his Catholic beliefs can be.

Then there's my in-laws. I am blessed with the fact they like me. I don't want to make my self their enemy. But, I don't want to back down from talking to them either.

Daddy. I want to get to know you more. As I try to get closer to you, please draw nearer to me. As I learn to do this, please baptize me afresh in your Holy Spirit. Grant me to know that I have been baptized in fire. Empower me from on high to know and to do your will. I love You.

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